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Web Site Design

Anybody can design a web site. But here's what else you get with a site by Encrypted Commerce:

  • Answers and advice to guide you, and support from a live human being!
  • Sleek, professional graphic design customized to support your branding strategy.
  • Help with site features and applications, including Flash animations, streaming video and audio and special purpose pages.
  • Scalable solutions mean your site is easily expandable as your business grows.
  • Content, code and navigation are designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to help build traffic.
  • Clean HTML and CSS code, which makes your site:
    • Quick to load.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Compatible with all leading browsers.
  • Optional hosting on high-capacity, high-performance servers for optimum performance as web site traffic grows.
  • Web site traffic analytics enable you to easily:
    • Measure the success and growth of your site's popularity.
    • Gauge the effectiveness of your Internet marketing campaigns.
  • Encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your server -- resolves security vulnerabilities to defend against attacks at many levels.
  • Help with domain registration if you need it.
  • Optional built-in content management system so you can avoid ongoing maintenance costs.